Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shatter Over Cool Colors

Still loving the shatter!  I painted the purple and green on the sides first, then did the blue stripe down the middle.  I like it!
     Cyber--Sally Hensen HD
     It's Up to Blue--Orly (this is actually the green polish)
     Blue Paradise--China Glaze


I FINALLY got the OPI Shatter polish!  So exciting!  It seems to work best when done quickly and with a thin layer.  I've seen nice results from painting at an angle, but I haven't tried it yet myself.  I'm LOVING this look!
     Stolen Kisses--Nicole
     Black Shatter--OPI

Pink Stripe Design

This is a design done by my daughter on her older sister.  Not sure of the exact shade of pink, but it's cute!
Stripes are white with silver glitter on top.

Purple with White Stripes

This is a design inspired by this tutorial.  I did not use tape because we were in a hurry.  This was done on my lovely step-daughter.
     Cyber--Sally Hansen HD
     Starry Silver Glitter--NYC
     White Stripe Rite--So Easy

Friday, March 18, 2011

New Look

I decided that this blog needed a new look.  Hope everyone likes it!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Leopard Print + Zebra Stripes

The empty space above the silver line was bothering me, so I decided to add zebra stripes.  I like it. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Leopard Print

Not sure if I like this one or not.  It's definately different LOL!  The polish is more green in person.  I made the print using my dotting tool.  I dotted the white first, let it dry then drew the black around the white.
     It's Up to Blue--Orly
     White on White--China Glaze
     Liquid Vinyl--Orly
     Silver Glitter Stripe Rite--So Easy

Sparkly Black Nails

This was just something quick and easy.  You can see the big blue and pink glitters from the NYC polish on my thumb.
     Liquid Vinyl--Orly
     Blue and Purple Glitter--Sally Girl
     Starry Silver Glitter--NYC

Zig Zag Nails

My daughter came up with this design.  Very cute!
     Cyber--Sally Hansen HD
     Blue and Purple Glitter--Sally Girl
     White Stripe Rite--So Easy

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pink Tip with Stripes

This design was based off of this design.  The nude base color doesn't look as dark in person.

     Sheer Nude--Orly
     The One That Got Away--OPI
     Black, White, and Silver Glitter Stripe Rite--So Easy
     Iridescent Glitter--Sally Girl

Rainbow Animal Print

I did this design on my step-daughter's nails.  It was messy, but easy to do.  This design was inspired by this tutorial.

     White on White--China Glaze (this was the base coat, helps the colors show up better)
     Blue Sparrow--China Glaze
     Purple, Pink, and Blue--Brand Unknown (from Walmart, scented, set of 5 colors)
     Iridescent Glitter--Sally Girl
     Black Stripe Rite--So Easy

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Purple and Black with Silver

This was inspired by this same design in blue.  My family wanted me to do it purple.  I really want to try it in pink.
     New Lilac--Pure Ice
     Cyber--Sally Hansen HD
     Liquid Vinyl--Orly
     Silver Glitter Stripe Rite--So Easy