Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Few Nail Art Blogs and You Tube Channels

Pink Tip Design on Daughter

I really need to work on my photography! LOL!  This design was a little tricky to do on my daughter's little nails, but we think it's cute.  I just got the nail art polishes this week and they are surprisingly easy to work with.  This design was inspired by one from LOVE4NAILS.

     An iridescent glitter--Sally Girl
     The One That Got Away--OPI
     Black Stripe Rite--So Easy
     Silver Glitter Stripe Rite--So Easy

I'm still working on getting some links to other nail art blogs.  There are so many!!!  I really want to focus on nail art as opposed to just nail polish.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pink and White Dots

Sorry so messy! White base (5 coats), diagonal pink tip, dots with dotting tool.  Love it!
     White on White--China Glaze
     La Paz-itively Hot--OPI

Purple Flower on White Pearl

This is a Konad stamp.
     A pearl white polish--BonBons
     Dark Purple Stamping Polish--Konad

Cherry Blossoms on my Daughter's Nails

We saw a similar design on Youtube and had to try it.  We are pleased with the results!  Pink base, white flowers made with a dotting tool, black branches made with toothpick.
     La Paz-itively Hot--OPI
     White on White--China Glaze
     Black--Konad Stamping Polish (the only black polish I have, a regular polish would have worked better.)

Pink Water Marbling

This was my first try at water marbling*!  I didn't do all my nails because it can be time consuming (especially if you are still learning.)  The solid colors are the colors I used in the marble.
     White on White--China Glaze
     A Rose at Dawn...Broke by Noon--OPI
     La Paz-itively Hot--OPI

*Water marbling is done by creating a bullseye with drops of nail polish in a cup of water, using a toothpick or needle to make a design with the bullseye, and dipping your nail into the design.  There are many great water marbling tutorials on Youtube.

Blue with Silver Stripe

 Not the best picture, but one of my favorite nail designs.  Blue base, silver stripe, and glitter over blue tip.
        Blue It--Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear
        Silver Mercedes--Pure Ice
        Beware (Glitter)--Pure Ice

My Nail Blog

I started this blog to share my love of nail art.  I will mostly post pictures, and possibly some simple instructions.  Some of the design ideas come from other nail art blogs or Youtube.  I'm not sure how post links (yet), but will do my best to give the proper people credit.     Enjoy :-)